About Tempo Technology Services

For more than 45 years, we have served thousands of hospitals and healthcare systems.
Tempo Technology Services is one of Ovation Healthcare’s five pillars of business.

Headquartered in Brentwood, Tenn., Ovation Healthcare is partnered with 375+ clients in 47 states from critical access hospitals to large health systems. For more than 45 years, Ovation Healthcare has supported hospitals and health systems through a portfolio of shared services – Octave Leadership Advisory Services, Elevate Supply and Expense Management Solutions, Amplify Revenue Cycle Management, Cadence Clinical Services and Tempo Technology Services – designed to provide scale and efficiency to hospital business operations. To learn how, visit OvationHC.com or connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter


The Tempo Technology Services’ leadership team brings decades of healthcare IT experience.
Each leader oversees teams of dedicated professionals focused on your success.

John Mason


As the President of Tempo Technology Services, John Mason brings over thirty years of progressive leadership and technology experience to clients. In previous roles, John was responsible for delivering a wide array of competitive advantage, technology-enabled, patient-centric business, clinical and facility solutions to the rural market, as well as the large, integrated delivery network. John continues to establish a collaborative and empowering environment and plays a key role in driving change in the health IT landscape.

Rickey South

With an impressive background spanning over twenty-five years in healthcare IT operations, Rickey brings unparalleled expertise from his previous tenures. Throughout his career, Rickey has played a pivotal role in shaping cutting-edge architecture and design solutions that optimize healthcare IT operations. He specializes in seamlessly integrating advanced technologies and user-centric interfaces, ensuring efficient data management, streamlined workflows, and enhanced user experiences, all geared towards delivering high-quality patient care.

Jody McGinnis

Chief Information Officer

Jody brings over 25 years of experience in clinical informatics to Tempo Technology Services. She oversees the design, implementation, and evaluation of information systems that support clinical care. Throughout her career, she has served as a registered nurse, a clinical informatics specialist, and an information technology leader. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Wayne State University and a master’s in nursing from University of Windsor. Jody is driven by her passion for utilizing technology to improve patient outcomes, quality of care, clinician experience, and health care delivery.

Lydia Nobles

Chief Information Officer

Lydia is a healthcare IT leader with nearly 12 years of experience and a background in strategic program and portfolio management, customer service, as well as process improvement.

She has a desire for developing and empowering teams, while maintaining a strong focus on the technology services that will positively impact patient care and the clients and communities they serve. Lydia works with healthcare leadership to plan execution and strategy to their projects as well as to overcome the challenges they face in their business and clinical operations that stems from information technology from start to finish. With her dedicated team, she has successfully managed hospital mergers, acquisitions, EMR conversions, and technology upgrades.

Dean Paquette

Chief Information Officer

Dean Paquette stands at the forefront of healthcare IT leadership with over 30 years of distinguished experience. As an executive, he has consistently bridged the divide between advanced technology and the ever-evolving healthcare landscape. Dean’s expertise encompasses not just strategic technology alignment but also the enhancement of healthcare processes through innovation, portfolio management, and executive collaboration. Trusted by CEOs and CIOs alike, Dean’s commitment ensures that our solutions are not just technologically advanced but also resonate with board-level objectives, driving both efficiency and excellence in healthcare IT delivery.

Mike Wesolowski

Chief Information Officer

With an extensive background spanning over twenty years as an IT executive in a diverse industry portfolio, Mike Wesolowski brings his experience to Tempo Technology Services. Throughout his career, Mike has established multi-layer executive relationships based on trust, transparency, and credibility. His areas of expertise include IT operational start-ups and turnarounds, IT outsourcing and multi-sourcing, and global enterprise IT operations. In previous roles, Mike has been key in establishing strategic partnerships and improving client development, service delivery performance, and voice-of-customer scores.

Chase Williams

Chief Information Officer

Chase Williams brings over 17 years of technology experience to his role at Tempo Technology Services. Throughout his career, Chase has held multiple senior leadership positions and consistently demonstrates his passion for improving service delivery and the clinical user experience. Chase has worked for and with large healthcare operators, driving successful IT results. A collaborative and transformational leader, Chase’s innovation continues to positively impact technology in the healthcare space.

Ken Williams

Chief Information Officer

With over 30 years of dedicated expertise in the field of information security and cybersecurity, Ken has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to safeguarding digital landscapes in an ever-evolving technological era. As a seasoned executive, his operational acumen spans across the global landscape, providing organizations with the essential shield against digital threats. Throughout Ken’s career, he has consistently delivered solutions that marry state-of-the-art technology with strategic foresight. Ken’s unwavering commitment to enhancing security measures and fostering a cyber-resilient environment has made him a trusted leader in the information security and cybersecurity industry.